⚡️Friday Powerlines⚡️

Join us every Friday for the Powerline Trail Run.  We welcome anyone and everyone at any pace/distance/fitness level.  We start together leaving from Whole Foods at 6:30am and once we reach the Powerline Trail within 1/2 mile the group begins to spread out based on pace.  The route is out and back, and during the early/dark mornings you can see the leaders headlights in the distance, so there is no fear of getting lost.  Most people turn around at the Salado Greenway marking a 6 mile total out and back distance, but some will turn around sooner and some will go further.  The Friday Powerlines run means different things for people's training schedules.  For most it's a causal fun group run at a leisurely pace, for some it is their long trail run of the week-- they may arrive before 6:30 to put in miles or some stay late.  For some runners it's a chance to push each other and attempt to grab the fastest recorded Strava segment.  But everyone is there to be with other runners, so have no fear-- join us Friday and meet some of SA's coolest runners.


When: Every Friday morning 

Where: 18403 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78258

Time: We start running at 6:30am so get there early to warm up and chat/meet with others

Pace: Avg pace is 9-10 min/mi on trails, but slower and faster paces are cool too 

Distance: 6 miles; but you can go shorter or longer

Whole Foods opens at 8am and alot of us hang around until then after the run to grab some coffee/donuts/breakfast


Trail shoes aren't necessary but they can be helpful providing a more stable platform and rock shield for the gravel trails.

A headlight is necessary during the darker times of the year. (nearing end of April you can get away without having one).

If it's your first time and new to trails, feel free to bring a friend, take the run slow, and hike the few hills.


Who's leading the run?

  • that would be me, Guy Rubio (bottom of page for more info)

What is the course/terrain like?

  • gravel, hilly, out and back (come back the same way you came)
  • click here to see the Strava map

What about inclement weather?

  • we will run in all weather including freezing temps, rain, mud, wind etc., the only time we will opt to not run is there is a lightning storm at the Powerlines (you might still find some people out there ;)

Can I bring my dog too?

  • dogs are welcome; just keep in mind other trail users are out there too-- you might find cyclists, hikers, dog walkers that aren't cool with off leash dogs.

Can I ride my bike?

  • Definitely-- occasionally you'll see runners that opt for the bike whether it's due to a running injury but they still want to join, or maybe they have a race that weekend.  The bikes that will do best out there are mountain bikes, followed by gravel bikes with wider and aired down tires.  Lights are a must when it is still dark out.  Please yield to the runners.