Go-To Dish/Recipe?

Sep 23, 2020 - 8:18 PM

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  • Alright I got one for yall, what's your absolute go-to dish/recipe? As in, you know 10 out of 10 times you're going to nail this meal with your eyes closed and can prepare it in a crunch (assuming you have all the ingredients)? My personal go-to dish is probably huevos rancheros for breakfast and fettuccine alfredo for lunch/dinner. Naturally I love both so it makes sense that repetition makes perfect.

    We'll probably see a theme of 3-5 ingredient dishes now that I think about it...


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  • Shrimp Lo-Mein, I make it at home. It's quick and easy.


    Sure don't know what I'm going for.
  • Thai basil/Eggplant stir fry and charcuterie boards.


    You’ll have that.
  • Chicken Tinga Tacos

    • boil boneless chicken for about 20 mins on medium (varying time depends chicken size) I use strips
    • make a tomato / chicken broth base with seasonings you like. (You don’t need much. Just enough to cover the shredded chicken)

    Some seasonings I use but use what you’d like.

    • cyan pepper, onion power, garlic powered, lime, salt if needed.
    • Shred and add chicken into the base
    • serve into tortilla
    • add onions, cilantro, Queso fresco if you’d like

    Not my photo but this is what your going for.


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  • This Indonesian Garlic and Green Bean recipe. It seems complicated. It’s not...just delicious, with room for improvising.



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  • Tonight I made kobucha squash soup with pork meatballs and side dish of thit kho tàu (caramelized salty pork belly) with rice. If the dish has garlic and fish sauce in it, I’m pretty confident I’ll nail it.


    You’ll have that.