Pizza Dough

Oct 11, 2020 - 11:55 AM

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  • Anyone have any Pizza Dough recipes they use? There is so many different style. I know @tallmatt dominates the Detroit style. If you have more then just a recipe for dough share as well!

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  • Yeah, so here's the Detroit style pizza recipe I use. It's very close to Via 313 in Austin if not slightly better because you made it yourself!

    A few notes: you can buy King Arthur flour (get the blue bag) at HEB or Central Market. Use any dry yeast. I like Saf-Instant. Keep the extra yeast in your fridge. Buy the pizza dough flavoring suggested in the recipe online. It makes a huge difference in flavor. Buy a Detroit style pizza pan on Amazon or direct from Lloyd's pans. You will not get the burned edges and crisp bottom if you don't use a Detroit style pan. I use Costco mozzarella, and I shred a bit of cheddar on top too. I also make the sauce from scratch included this recipe and it's amazing! I use frozen precut green peppers and onions and Hormel pepperoni, but you can use whatever you want! Final tip, coat the pan with corn oil. Corn oil will crisp up the bottom so you don't have a soggy middle.




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  • I’m going to try this.


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  • Bryan B.:
    I’m going to try this.

    It's soooo good! You won't be disappointed. But then again @tallmatt made it for me haha.

  • I’m gonna have to ask
    My wife she makes this healthy one or something with Greek yogurt comes out really good


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  • @bennythejet It's probably Zucchini crust.


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  • I havent made any dough from scratch, but you can get really good dough fresh made from publix grocery store. I do not believe there are any publix in TX however..


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