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Clarie Saffitz is your Dessert Person

Dec 15, 2020 - 6:43 PM

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  • One of youtube's favorite chefs now has her own channel. She's cooking up recipes in her new cookbook and they're simple and fun. Only a handful of videos have been posted, but definitely check her channel out if you miss her Gourmet Makes on Bon Appetite.

    My goal next week is to make her Focaccia bread. Feel free to share other youtube cooking channels.


  • Im glad she's back. She is great. I hope she is able to do the format of the other show somehow...


    Instagram @thehollywoodjefe
  • I’ve only watched one episode but it’s good. Her recipes seem approachable. I’m glad she’s getting away from Gourmet Makes, as much fun as it was to see her try to recreate popular stuff. I’m more curious of recipes she’s developed.