BEXAR Materials


:: 100% American English Bridle::


Leather is a natural material whose durability, texture and beauty make it one of the most popular materials on today's market. All of the natural range markings are visible which may be the result of where a cow had been scraped by barbed wire, cactus or mesquite thorns or been bitten by a coyote- a subtle assurance that distinguishes real leather from imitation. The beauty of each leather item is enhanced by unique varying grain patterns and the subtleties of color and texture created by dyes and finishes. With time and use, leather products will mature and darken - giving them a rich patina. 


We use 100% Genuine English Bridle Leather for our carry straps. This type of leather is finished using a one of the oldest tanning techniques, known as "vegetable tanned". This tanning process uses vegetable materials derived from tree bark and other various plants and is drum dyed with waxes and tallows in order to give a beautifully finished and great feeling leather. This English bridle leather is available on all of the Bexar Goods Co. shoulder straps and The Porter series and The Shiner series.

 :: Waxed Cotton Canvas ::


With an origin in historic European marine trading, Waxed Cotton Canvas has been used for over a century to produce outdoor gear that could withstand inclement and varying weather conditions of outdoor environments and day-to-day demanding use. A natural and proprietary combination of waxes are heat-applied to the cotton canvas to produce a breathable and water resistant thick material that is timeless and gives a semblance of rugged sophistication. Our Waxed Cotton Canvas is sourced from one of the oldest textile suppliers in the USA.

When cared for properly, this unique fabric will last you many, many years. As wax and cotton are both natural products, their effectiveness in resistance to water will eventually need to be restored using a re-waxing process that can be performed by yourself. If the accumulation of dust and stains on your bag are not your thing, no problem, just hose it off and scrub with a brush. Bare areas can be refinished with a wax refinishing compound which can help restore the wax finish. Do not wash or dry clean this material.  We've found this online tutorial very insightful as to how to reapply a wax finish.

We also use duck cotton canvas, that while also water repellent, it does not have a surface wax coating applied.  Instead, a proprietary water repellant finish is impregnated into the fabric during the dyeing process.  We've chosen to offer this duck cotton canvas since it offers a wider variety of color selections and a finished product that weighs less than a full waxed canvas bag.