Salado to Pearl Treasure Hunt

Join our first Bexar Run Crew challenge this Saturday, October 3.
I’ve been on a personal fitness journey for the past 2 years that has revolved around running. I’ve always said that movement is medicine. My goals for running aren’t to out perform other runners in marathons nor am I training to complete an Ironman. I like challenges that challenge myself. For my 38th birthday this year, I’m hoping to run 38 miles. It’s more than I've previously run but I hope to get to 38 miles and many more!

Tomorrow, October 3rd. I'll be setting course to accomplish my 38+ miles birthday run. My route will take me from Salado Creek all the way to The Pearl and beyond.
Along my route I'll be dropping off 8 Bexar Goods gift cards redeemable for specific products from our store. Products such as field notes wallets, classic bifolds and slim wallets are on the list. The product will be labeled on the card. 

I will be posting videos on each of the drop offs of where you can expect to find the gift card. *please note, only 1 per person* 

The QR code on the card will redirect you to this page which will confirm the rules on how to redeem the card. 

First post a photo of your find on your IG story (if you have one) and tag @bexar.runcrew with which gift card you picked up. They will be labeled #1-8. 

Next you will need to download the running app, Strava and join the Bexar Run Crew group. 

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to log a 5K (roughly 3.1 miles) within 24hrs of retrieving the gift card. If you don't run the 5k you will not be eligible to redeem the gift card. 

We hope to see you out on the trails tomorrow to help me celebrate another year of running!

Need to Know

  • Recover a treasure gift
  • Scan the code on the back with your camera phone
  • Download the FREE Strava Run App
  • Join the Bexar Run Crew Strava Group
  • Here is my Strava route for a better idea of the overall area
  • In order to qualify for the gift on the back of the card you must run and log in Strava at least 5k (3.1 mile) within 24 hours of retrieving the treasure gift.

Click Your Gift Card #:

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