Crack the Code Challenge FAQ



What do I get?

    • If you are in the first 20 people to complete the challenge you will receive a free lululemon x bexar shirt ($80 value)

How do I know if I am in the first 20 people?

    • We will announce on Instagram stories when all 20 shirts have been claimed.

Who can participate?

    • Anyone, however this is an in person challenge in San Antonio, Texas

Is it free?

    • There is no cost, totally free.

When and where?

    • Saturday December 12 
    • Start and End at 2202 Broadway 78215 (Outland Trailer)
    • Time: Mystery start time- if everyone knew what time it started it would then be the fastest people to win the prize… and we want everyone to have a chance. 

How far is it? 

    • Approximately 5 miles

What do I need?

    • Smart Phone, Instagram (app), Strava (app)

So, what do I do?

Start Location

    • Stay updated on our Instagram Stories
    • Show up to Start Location as soon as you can once challenge is live
    • Find the Black Trunk at Outland Trailer
    • Scan the QR code with your phone or go to website on the sticker
    • Start your run on Strava (mapped route on website above)


      • Visit each of the 4 checkpoints
      • Scan QR code (or visit webpage) at each checkpoint for details
      • Collect number from each checkpoint
      • Complete the route, head back to 2202 Broadway via SA Riverwalk

      End Location

        • Enter numeric code on Black Trunk to open and claim your shirt
        • Until your order is placed (free) you have not claimed your shirt
        • DM us your mapped run route (one shirt per person)

      Pro tips:

        • Turn on your Instagram notifications for Bexar.RunCrew so that you’re notified immediately when Challenge starts.
        • What is a QR code? It's a code if you scan with your phone camera will automatically take you to the webpage, if that doesn't work for you, the webpage address will be written next to it as backup.