Xmas 24 X 24 Challenge


What's the 24 X 24 Challenge?

  • This is a different kind of challenge... it might not appeal to everyone, but it is surely a different kind of challenge worthy of bragging rights.
  • Run 1 mile each hour for the 24 hours of Christmas Eve for a total of 24 miles, starting at 12am to 12am 24 hours later

IMPORTANT: In Order to Qualify for Prize

  • You must start at 12am on Thursday at 12am.  Only 1 mile counts per hour.  You cannot log multiple miles per hour and have them count towards your 24 miles in 24 hours (that would be too easy).
    • If you miss logging any miles within the hour you are automatically not eligible for the prizes.  You can still claim bragging rights though. 
  • You must document each run in Strava and at the end DM us on Instagram your 24 miles.


  • Thursday December 24 - December 25
  • Time:
    • Starts at 12 AM 
    • Ends at 12 AM
  • You run wherever you want-- a loop around your house, a treadmill, it doesn't matter, just as long as it's logged via Strava

    Who can participate?

    • Anyone, however, we are only shipping prizes to US adresses

      Is it free?

      • There is no cost, totally free.

        How far is it?

        • 24 miles in total

          What do I need?

          • Smart Phone, Instagram (app), Strava (app)

            What is the prize?

            • Bragging rights
            • Run Crew shirt (medium and large available)
            • Leather Run Crew key fob
            • Sticker pack

            Again, to reiterate, if you miss any of the 1 mile intervals, you can't make them up later, you will not be eligible for the prizes.  Feel free to join in the fun regardless, but to qualify for prizes for the 24 X 24 challenge, it must be followed perfectly.

             If you have ANY questions, email me: guy@bexargoods.com