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#1 Abalone and Streaked Buffalo Large Linerlock


One of a kind beautiful Abalone and Streaked Buffalo Large Linerlock with damascus steel blade.


  • Handle Material: Abalone
  • Bolster Material: Streaked Buffalo


  • Blade Length: 3"
  • Overall Length: 7 5/8"
  • Thickness: 1"

Detailed Description 

Abalone is one of the most beautiful material for making knife handles. The thick inner layer of the Abalone shell is composed of nacre, (also present in Mother-of-Pearl), which makes an iridescent shell with lots and lots of changeable colors as you change the angle of view. Abalone grown in the wild are expected to go extinct in the next 200 years because of over harvesting and acidification of oceans. So now Abalones are farm raised in order to protect the species. This Abalone comes from farm raised Abalone grown in South Korea. The iridescent inner shell of these farm raised Abalones is often very curved and does not lend itself for making knives (you need a flat surface instead of a curved surface for knife handles). But farm raised Abalone can be commercially processed to form a very nice and beautiful flat "sheet" by extracting the beautiful inner shell and then making flat layers which are then glued together to make a usable thick, strong, flat shell-- which is perfect for making knife handles.

The Buffalo Horn used in this knife is domesticated water buffalo and more people depend on them than on any other domesticated animal. Occasionally, the all black buffalo horn develops light colored streaks which makes a nice contrast. The Streaked Buffalo Horn used has a nice polished black color.