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Bexar Run Crew Singlet :: Black


Wallet/Watch Strap Giveaway

Here's how it works... anyone orders this new Singlet will be entered to win this wallet or watch strap (your choice) to match the Singlet colorway.  Entirely designed, painted, and hand stitched in our San Antonio workshop.  The winner will be chosen as soon as the BRC Singlet sells out (which will be quick).  Winner will be emailed and announced on Instagram.  As always, thanks for the love ✌️


Athletic singlet emblazoned with the original Bexar Run Crew graphic (front and back) in Salmon Red screenprint.  

  • Singlet: polyester blend Dryflex by Athletic Knit (slimmer fit)

Bexar Run Crew Background

Our company culture has evolved over the years and during the pandemic we took on a healthier lifestyle approach.  Many of our team members took on running as a way to spend their lunch breaks-- running through downtown San Antonio.  In September 2020, we decided to create the Bexar Run Crew, our interpretation of exploring through movement/running.  Since we created this group, it has grown to include many members of our local community, and beyond-- both nationally and internationally.  Our vision for the Bexar Run Crew is to combine our love for running and fuse it with our passion for leather goods.  If you haven't joined the group, be sure to check out our Run Crew Instagram (most frequently updated source of happenings) and join our Run Crew Strava.