Bid Slim Wallet // Whiskey Cordovan


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The Slim Wallet is available in Whiskey Cordovan. The Slim Wallet is one of the most simplistic wallet styles offered. It features three pockets, two on the outside that allow for easy access to cards and one in the middle for stashing cash or more cards. 

The Slim Wallet is saddle stitched by hand, joining each leather piece together with a durable poly cord thread. The saddle stitch technique has been favored for centuries by expert leather workers, and has a distinct durability advantage when compared to the lock stitch technique used by machine stitching. 

A perfect fit for the minimalist lifestyle, the Slim Wallet is sleek, efficient, and can be worn in either the front or back pocket. 


Shell Cordovan leather is the most premium leather option available. Coming from the hindquarters of a equine animals, Shell Cordovan endures a process totaling six months where the hide is tanned, stuffed, shaved, then polished to deliver a product that is above all else. It features a tight grain character that resists stretching and creasing, while still maintaining a brilliant shine. Shell Cordovan is eye-catching and durable, qualities that present a remarkable product and will continuously please you.


  • Two card pockets
  • One stash pocket
  • Premium Shell Cordovan leather 
  • Durable poly cord thread
  • Proudly made by hand in San Antonio, Texas (USA)


  • 4” tall x 2.5” wide x .25” thick