Kangaroo Classic 4 Bifold

The Kangaroo Classic Bifold is our slimmest bifold wallet.  Kangaroo leather is extremely tough and resitant to stretching.  As a result we are able to use very thin layers of leather to construct this traditional bifold.

This wallet contains 4 card pockets and one main cash compartment.  The wallet is sewn by hand, using the traditional saddle stitching technique, with waxed poly cording.  Hand stitching is stronger than the lock stitch used in sewing machines. The hand sewn saddle stitch has been favored by leather workers and saddlemakers for centuries because of its durability. 

Excess kangaroos are harvested in Australia under programs approved by both the Australian and U.S. Fish and Wildlife authorities. The leather we offer is in a high strength bark tannage, and the skins are selected for shape and minimum scars and discoloration.

This wallet looks and functions as a classic weathered wallet should-- effortlessly and with style.

Proudly handmade in Texas.

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