Porter Satchel

No internal pocket
+ Ipad pocket & pen pocket

The Porter

  • Approximately 15 hours of craftsmanship time 

A leather satchel designed for use across the spectrum of living an adventurous life.

This particular bag is a personal favorite of Guy’s. As a field geologist he wanted this satchel to both perform and withstand the harsh environments that he encounters throughout the US and abroad-- whether it’s being used for as a gear bag descending into limestone caverns, a field satchel to carry a Brunton compass and field journal for conducting endangered bird assessments or surveying coal mines in Utah, this bag has been his trusty companion.

Summed up, this bag is rugged, simple, and stout.  It has one main compartment that can generously accommodate your essential electronic companions (e.g. laptop, iphone, ipad), dopp kit, and clothing to last you easily for a weekend, if not an extended weekend away from the daily grind.

The Porter was designed to last a lifetime.

It will never go out of style, and will only look more well refined and well traveled with age and abuse.

  • The Porter Satchel is approximately 16.5in wide X 12in tall with a depth of 6 inches.
  • The vegetable-tanned 8-10 ounce English bridle leather is from one of the oldest tanneries still operating in the USA. The leather will naturally darken with exposure to the elements and your everyday lifestyle.
  • Solid brass hardware-- buckles, D-rings, and single large O-ring, and copper rivets were because of the metal’s strength and unique weathering characteristics of the metal. 
  • Solid copper rivets were chosen as the hardware for the bag because of their strength and unique weathering characteristics of the metal. Each copper rivet is hand set and peened over our anvil for a nice rounded finish.


Our products are individually handcrafted. Please allow up to 5 - 7 weeks for shipment.

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