Sambar Stag Antler and Spiderweb Camel Bone Small Linerlock


Sambar Stag Antler and Spiderweb Camel Bone Small Linerlock with damascus steel blade.


  • Blade Steel: "Islands in the Stream" pattern Damascus high carbon steel
  • Handle Material: Sambar Stag Antler
  • Bolster Material: Spiderweb Camel Bone
  • Thumb Knob Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire graded IF (highest grade given to gemstone)
  • Includes: Knife stand and nylon pouch


  • Blade Length: 1 13/16"
  • Overall Length: 4 5/8"

The Sambar Stag is a large deer from India, China, and southeast Asia. In India, the Sambar Stag can comprise up to 60% of the animals killed by Bengal Tigers. The Sambar Stag used here comes from India and was legally obtained. Currently, Sambar Stag Antler is no longer available due to India's restriction of exporting the antler. So this antler will be extremely rare in the future.

Most camels today are domesticated and they provide meat, milk, hair, and bones. The leg bones are often used for making knife handle. These leg bones are slightly more dense than cow leg bones and polish to a beautiful luster. This particular piece has scrimshaw that gives it a Spiderweb look and complements the Sambar Stag Antler nicely.

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