Spurs Coasters - Tan 96

The Spurs and Bexar Goods, have come together for an exciting collaboration that celebrates the spirit of San Antonio. The collection features a range of leather goods and accessories as well as apparel and more.

All are designed by Bexar Goods featuring the Spurs iconic logo. The collaboration is a testament to the strong ties between San Antonio and its beloved basketball team. This collection celebrates the city's rich history, its vibrant culture, and the deep passion that Spurs fans have had for their team for the past 50 seasons.


These leather coasters are the perfect addition to your living room, office, or shared space. Set down your Topo Chico or cold beer and protect your furniture from water marks. These leather coasters will handle your favorite beverage with ease, while also making you look like a badass party host. The coaster set is made using harness leather that will gradually age, drink after drink.


  • Set of 4 leather coasters
  • USA sourced premium vegetable tanned harness leather from Wickett & Craig 
  • Handmade in San Antonio, Texas (USA)


  • Approximately 4" diameter