Iceland, with its raw and intense landscapes, captivated us. We embarked on a 10-day journey through the remote West Fjords and the Southern Region of Iceland.

Over those 10 days, we immersed ourselves in Iceland's wild nature, hiking and driving on paved and dirt roads. The ever-changing weather, from high winds and snowstorms to beautiful blue skies, rain, and bone-chilling cold, gave us the opportunity to experience Iceland's dynamic environment, showcasing its untamed spirit.

The West Fjords welcomed us with rugged terrain and sketchy dirt roads. Navigating the switchbacks, single tracks, and steep grades in our trusty 2016 70s series Toyota added memorable moments to our trip. Each twist and turn had us focused on the beauty of its untamed surroundings. Along the coastline, we even had the pleasure of encountering some harbor seals warming up in the sun.

As we drove along Iceland's highways, we discovered the beauty of the geothermal pools along the landscape. Natural rock pools, conveniently located just off the roadway, invited us to enjoy the warmth of geothermal wonders. These hidden gems offered moments of relaxation and reflection amidst the awe-inspiring surroundings. One of the unexpected delights of our journey was discovering the delicious food in Iceland. We savored pizzas, pastries, and sandwiches along the way. But the real treat came when we stumbled upon a unique local donut shop selling krullers...

To navigate the Icelandic landscape, we unintentionally found ourselves embracing a more traditional method: relying on a trusty map and road signs. It was a refreshing change to go back to the basics and engage in the art of map reading.

Reflecting on our journey, Iceland's landscape left us in awe. The remote West Fjords and the mesmerizing Southern Region created an otherworldly ambiance where nature reigned supreme. The sight of snow-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, and mystical glaciers formed a surreal backdrop that imprinted lasting memories.

Our Icelandic trip holds a special place in our hearts. Every step we took allowed us to explore the untamed beauty of Iceland, from navigating treacherous roads to embracing the ever-changing weather. We appreciate the resilience of Iceland's raw nature. It's a land of fire and ice, offering an intense and captivating beauty for those who seek it.