We originated with a simple concept, to create high-quality leather goods we wanted to use ourselves,

Create a legacy of carry goods products that can journey the world with you, and develop its own uniqueness from the adventures they experience.

Our name not only defines us, But it’s where we are from


The Process

All our leather products are hand sewn using a stitching saddle. The saddle stitch technique has been favored for centuries by expert leather craftsmen, and has a distinct durability advantage when compared to the lock stitch technique produced by machine stitching. The saddle stitch technique intertwines the thread creating a double stitch that won’t unravel if it is ever cut or torn.

Our Wallets

From the Slim Wallet to the Bifold, our designs are classic, functional, and tailored to you. We weren’t trying to reinvent the wallet, just set it’s new standard.

Each piece of the wallet is precisioned cut from a laser which guarantees a uniform design standardizing each wallet. We begin by inspecting each piece of the wallet ensuring the quality, wiping away any impurities and cleaning the stitching holes, lining them up and place each step of the wallet into our saddle to be sewn.

After threading two needles at the end of a polyester waxed cord and are now ready to begin our stitch.

Left to Right. Left to Right. Left to Right.

The stitched wallet is waxed around the edges then polished on a burnisher.

Ready for an epoch of contingency.

The Porter

The design of this bag stems from field adventures of Bexar Goods Co. co-founder, Guy Rubio. Pursuing studies as a field geologists, Guy was eager to find a bag that could not only hold all of his gear, but also survive a decent into a rugged limestone cavern. Guy was able to find these capabilities, and more, in the Porter Satchel. He went on to test the limits of the bag in the coal mines of Utah, and even as far as the dense terrain of Iceland.

The Porter Satchel was meticulously designed to be one of the most unique products available. It features materials that are fit for a lifetime of abuse and love, sharing every adventure with you.

Every part of this bag is hand stitched and riveted in our workshop.


The Leather

We source all our english bridle from Wickett & Craig, a premiere vegetable tannery. Each cowhide is perfected in a labor-intensive, natural, eco-friendly process that produces superior leather. We use this leather because of its rich patina and beautiful color. Our products will not only endure, but also get better with age. (Accompanied by a photo or collage of photos, of EB)

Our shell cordovan is sourced from Horween, located in the USA or Toscana, Italy. Shell cordovan is a dense fiber structure found only in the hindquarters of equine animals. The finish is a rich, glossy look and highly coveted item by craftsmen and customers alike. (Accompanied by a photo or collage of photos, of SC)

Shop Life

Located in a century old factory turned warehouse, our team of leather craftsman are hands on through the entire process.

With an keen eye and a skilled hand our master craftsman Bradley is who sets the standard for our quality product.

Every inch of our space is utilized and tells a story of the voyages past and adventures ahead.


“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.”

-Jack Kerouac

Our Adventure

Our gear reflects who we are, so it should reflect what we do.

We travel to parts unknown, searching, longing, dreaming, wandering, becoming, being.

What is made from us out in the wild is, makes us who are in the workshop.

Gear for the frontier, modern and exquisite.

From the fleecy forest mountains in the Rockies to the arid, sterile sandstone of Moab.. Bexar is there.

From the foothills of Icelandic Volcanoes to the sweeping rains of New Zealand.. Bexar is there.

No Boundaries

We will never shy away from a challenge, whether it’s at the foothill of a mountain strapped for exploring or in the workshop with a needle in our hand, we have never stopped pushing the boundaries of what Bexar is and will become.

Each stitch, every step, leather, adventure it is our DNA.

Bexar was created in the wild, refined in the workshop and let back into the wild.

Our roots will always bring us back to our humble beginning in San Antonio but our ambition will take us worldwide.