Nike Zoom Fly Leather Goods

August 18, 2021

Nike Zoom Fly Leather Goods
One of the important components for us initiating this Run Club was to incorporate running culture and products into our passion for leather goods.
The Nike Zoom Fly shoes have been one of Guy's favorite road shoes, and when he ordered their newest color combo we knew it would be great inspiration for a pair of leather goods.  We chose two items, the Vertical Wallet and Watch Strap (popular items and a great canvases for design) to be designed with the Sequoia Zoom Fly colorway in mind and they were to be given away to random members of our Run Club.
Strong elements and colors from the Zoom Fly were selected to make their presence into the Wallet and Watch Strap... I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but it was a first, fun project and we knew we were onto something when we saw the response from our small but growing running community.