Falcon Rubio

1. What is your current occupation or profession?
Occupation: Design / Videography / Co Captain of Bexar Goods.
2. Where were you born, or what are your original roots and cultural background?
Background: I was born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and lived there until I was four years old. After that, I moved to San Antonio.
3. What are some of your interests and passions in life?
Interests and Passions: My passion in life revolves around film, whether it’s creating it or simply enjoying the art of cinema.
4. Do you have a favorite travel destination or a place you consider your home away from home?
Favorite Destinations: Two places hold special meaning for me. Iceland, for its serene pace and breathtaking landscapes, and Los Angeles, for its vibrant arts and design scene.
5. What’s a piece of advice or a life lesson that you hold onto?
Life Lesson: I live by the principle of “Give it all you got.”
6. Are there any particular goals or aspirations you’re currently working towards?
Aspirations: I’m continually driven to keep creating in every possible way.
7. Are there specific Bexar Goods products that you’ve found to be particularly appealing or useful in your daily life?
Everyday Essentials: In my daily life, I find myself using a cordovan watch strap, a vertical wallet, and a canvas backpack.