Portrait Series No.6//@dark.wing.dom

1. What is your current occupation or profession?
I own and operate Drippy’s Coffee along with my wife Meaghan. I’ve worked for many amazing local businesses over the years and it’s been a goal of mine to launch my own concept for sometime. Meaghan and I work incredibly well together and it was a way to take our partnership to the next level. Specialty coffee has played a huge role in our relationship and when we had the opportunity to join the SA Yacht Club we couldn’t resist.

2. Where were you born or what are your original roots?
Born and raised in SA. I have roots here as well as Central Mexico where I got to live for a bit as a young adult.

3. What are some of your interests or passions in life?
Traveling fuels my soul, since I can’t exactly travel all the time, I’ve found that staying active and present in my day to day life helps keep things exciting and fresh, while staying grounded. Depending on the day that can be running, cycling, hiking, lifting or calisthenics.

4. Do you have a favorite travel destination or a place you call home away from home?
So hard to choose, but the beach has always been very healing to me, be it be the Pacific Coast, Gulf or Caribbean. Locally I love camping in the Texas Hill Country and West Texas. The southwest US is an incredible desert playground. We were camping in Colorado over the summer and I definitely look forward to that being an annual thing. We have a lot of family in Cuernavaca, Morelos and visiting the Pueblos Mágicos around there is always a must on our travels.

5. What is a piece of advice or life lesson you hold onto?

Live your truth. I’m on a pursuit of internal synergy where who I want to be reflects who I am and a lot of that is being aware of what’s standing in the way. I’ve been sober for four years and while I have a lot of improvements still to come, that was a massive obstacle in helping achieve said synergy.

6. Are there any particular goals or aspirations you are working towards?

Right now I’m very focused on building and growing Drippy’s. You get out of it what you put into it and Meaghan and I are proud to be doing something pretty special in our SA stomping grounds. I keep telling Meaghan I’d run a thousand miles for her and she keeps telling me to prove it so that’s a personal goal I’m looking to achieve this year.

7. Are there specific BEXAR Goods products that you have found particularly appealing or useful in your daily life?

ALL THE BEXAR GOODS. For real though, I’ve been an avid fan and supporter since day one. I’ve been fortunate to work with the company over the years and take a lot of pride in using my porter satchel, field notes case and SpursxBexar slim wallet and shell cordovan watch strap on the daily.