Ryan Hunter

Portrait series No.8 //@bystudiorh
1. What is your current occupation or profession?
I am a freelance multidisciplinary designer with a focus on branding and merchandise.

2. Where were you born or what are your original roots?
I was born in Dallas, TX but I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico so my roots are in the Southwest.

3. What are some of your interests or passions in life?
I am passionate about all things design- Interior, graphic, architectural, and spatial. I am also a former collegiate soccer player and still very passionate about soccer (and all sports really haha).

4. Do you have a favorite travel destination or a place you call home away from home?
I love traveling to New York City as it is a design hub of the world. I can always pull a lot of great inspiration from every visit to NYC. I also love going back home to New Mexico, and Southern California.

5. What is a piece of advice or life lesson you hold onto?
“Pay attention to the culture without being driven by the culture.” Is a Rick Ruben quote that I have been focussing on in my daily life.

6. Are there any particular goals or aspirations you are working towards?
I’d love to own a physical studio space to house all of my wild ideas. A big goal of mine is to do creative direction for professional sports teams too!

7. Are there specific BEXAR Goods products that you have found to particularly appealing or useful in your daily life?
I don’t do anything without my Cordovan Slim wallet. I also use the bandanas and hats on the daily. Whenever I travel I bring the field notes wallet with me to take any notes and keep all of my documents in one place- travel essential for sure.