Starting Line: Bexar Run Crew

July 28, 2021

Bexar Run Crew logo
 The origin
Our company culture has evolved over the years, and within the last year has taken on a healthier lifestyle approach.  Many of our team members took on running as a way to spend their lunch breaks-- running through downtown San Antonio, the area home to our Bexar Goods workshop.  In September, we decided to create the Bexar Run Crew, our interpretation of exploring through movement/running.  Since we created this group, it has grown to include many members of our local community, and beyond-- both nationally and internationally.  Our vision for the Bexar Run Crew is to combine our love for running and fuse it with our passion for leather goods.  
 Group of runners stand in front of a brick building after a 3 mile run
Since B.RC started in 2020 we had to be creative about how to unite a community of runners while still being cautious of COVID-19.  Rather than gathering in group settings for runs we opted to do Run Challenges that runners could participate in remotely.  As things started to calm down we were able to start doing group runs.  Some of the more memorable events we've done over throughout the first year include:
Birthday Scavenger Hunt
We kicked off the Run Club with a fun scavender hunt/ run gear giveaway.  In September, Guy decided to run his birthday miles- 38 miles for 38 years + 1 more mile for good luck.  Along the way, he dropped off 9 gift cards for our Bexar Goods gear (ranging $50 to $150 of product) at various spots along the route and updating the crew as to where to find the card with hints in Instagram Stories.  All gift cards were recovered within the hour of them being dropped off.  It was a unique and memorable way to kick off the Bexar Run Crew.
Bexar the River Challenge
Our first group event, starting from our workshop at 1333 Buena Vista, we raced 3.5 miles through downtown San Antonio and along the River Walk.  The Challenge continued for the next week for anyone that couldn't make the kickoff, and they could race the top fastest times (via Strava segment leaderboard) for a chance at top prizes.
Curry Boys Challenge
Our friends own and operate Curry Boys BBQ along the St. Mary's strip.  We put together a great 3.75 mile route along the St. Mary's strip and Brackenridge Park and up the Trinity Hills.  Post race food and drinks at the new Curry Boys Restaraunt.  Prizes for fastest times included Run Crew Gear, Gift Cards to BGC and Curry Boys BBQ.
Coffee and Bagels Run
Starting near our Storefront on Broadway, a 3.5 mile course through Brackenridge Park and backside of Japanese Tea Gardens followed by Mila Coffee and Wild Barley Bagels.
24X24 Endurance Run
Run 1 mile each hour for the 24 hours of Christmas Eve for a total of 24 miles, starting at 12am to 11:59pm 24 hours later.  Prizes for successful completion of the entire challenge included a 24x24 branded Gorilla Keeper, T-shirt, and bragging rights.
Crack the Code Challenge
The first 20 people to complete this challenge won a lululemon shirt branded Bexar Run Crew ($85 value).
29029 Everest Challenge
Accumulate the vertical gain equivalent to height of Mount Everest.  Pick your favorite hilly or mountainous route and keep running it until you've gained 29,029 feet of vertical climbing.  Prizes for successful completion of the entire challenge included a 29029 branded Gorilla Keeper, T-shirt, and bragging rights, and for one lucky winner a 29029 branded Field Notes Wallet.
Weekly Lunch Runs
The goal of the run club has always been to have fun and run with people we connected with... but also have it be a convenient activity to still consider work.  We decided to do weekly group runs from our workshop at 1333 Buena Vista which is a great launching pad for runs into downtown, and shares space with Shotgun Coffee and Vista Brewing, for post run beverages.
Runner Highlights
Since the run club has grown and we've gotten to meet new local runners it's been fun recognizing friends out on the trails.  We thought by highlighting individual runners, their goals, and running styles, it'd be a great way for others to virtually meet local runners as well so they can get to know the local run community also.
 Black and white portraits of in a grid form showing 20+ runners
Group Races
One of the first people we did a runner profile highlight was Kenney McInnery... I met him in November and we ran Friedrich Park together.  He told me about the Bandera 100K he was running in January and encouraged me to sign up... and I did.  That kicked off the trail racing bug for me and since, we've had some great run crew participation in local trail races:
  • Bandera 100k
  • Southwest 100 miler
  • Pandora Box of Rox
  • Capt'n Karls Pedernales 30K
Run Adventures
Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim
If you haven't joined the group, be sure to check out our Run Crew Instagram (most frequently updated source of happenings) and join our Run Crew Strava.