Western Wear for the Spurs Coyote

April 26, 2022

It's not everyday we get an email inquiry from an NBA mascot like the Spurs Coyote... so when he/she reached out to update their costume getup for the season we jumped at the chance to collaborate on this special project.  After numerous brainstorming sessions involving the type of garments, specific purposes, and minor/major design elements we got to work.  After nearly 6 months the results were stunning.  Entirely hand stitched the leather vest, chaps, and belt holster is unlike anything we've ever designed and something we would never get the chance to do again.  See below for detail shots of the design elements and if you find yourself at a Spurs game, keep an eye out for the Coyote rocking Bexar Goods.

A Bexar Goods employee stands sewing up the inside of the custom coyotes vest showing a texas flag print


A stiff completed leather vest made by Bexar Goods is propped up in the middle of the workshop majestically.


The Spurs Coyote is seen running around the ATT center with a T-Shirt cannon in had while rocking his new Bexar Goods Spurs Vest


Spurs Coyote is seen jumping with knees belt up and fingers pointing orchestrating the 18000 fans at the game to chant while wearing his new leather chaps and vest made by Bexar goods.


A 360 Gif is spinning around the Spurs Coyote in the Bexar Goods workshop while wearing his new leather chaps and vest made by Bexar Goods