Top 3 Wallets

February 07, 2020

As we started to evolve as a company, so did our creativity and craftsmanship. In 2014 the winds of Bexar Goods changed and we haven’t looked back since. We weren’t trying to reinvent the wallet, we just wanted to set a new standard. Using skills and techniques that we’ve honed in over the years we were able to apply it to crafting wallets. We wanted keep it classic and simple, all the while redefining what a leather wallet should be.  

Close up shot of a gray heather Ebbets x Bexar Cap slightly out of focus. A Blue enamel coffee mug with red accents sits on top with visible text on the bottom inside of mug. Keep it Wild

Born out of necessity- the wallet has been around for centuries although it was more of a pouch or purse worn around the waist to house a handful of coins and a day’s lunch, usually made from cow or horse leather. As currency began to change (not to mention fashion trends) a smaller, more concealable pocketbook was in need. These wallets would still hold true to the material of its predecessor, leather. And as a leather craftsmen, it holds our attention.


Leather accessories sit ontop of a wood table top. Leather Bracelet, Apple Watch Strap and bifold wallet. As well as a metal and wood pocket knife. As well as a beaded bracelet and horseshoe and hatchet silver necklace on a leather cord.

We now offer a wide range of styles: from the vintage look of the No. 99 (one you’d feel as if you found it in your grandparents attic) to the Trucker wallet (a hefty wallet for the hardcore carriers). Our designs are tailored to fit all your needs. A favorite of ours and the many who have supported us is our Slim Wallet, Vertical Card Wallet and our Classic 4 Bifold. 

A leather valet tray organizes multiple elements. Orange Phone, Aviator sunglasses, Car Key with brass hook, Apple Watch with leather strap, and a Leather Bexar Goods Wallet

The Slim Wallet. A simplistic yet efficient minimalist card holder. I have been using this wallet as my personal carry for the past year and I couldn’t be happier with it; the thought of trading it in actually makes me sad. It’s the tiny home of 6 cards, 3 business cards and 2 neatly folded bills (more likely to be Hamiltons than Benjamins). The sleekness of the black cordovan has only improved over the past year and is a perfect front carry wallet. After traveling overseas and fallen victim to pickpocketing, its a good way to assure that I always have my wallet on me. The Slim Wallet features 2 pockets for cards and an inner pocket for cash and is great for the everyday minimalist, the Fridays night clubbers, the purse haters and the people who want to avoid carrying too much. 

A cold and snowy stump with a Black Bandana, Bexar goods wallet, Whiskey Bottle , Beer bottle and leather coaster sit on top of tree stump

The Vertical Card Wallet. The perfect compromise between the classic bifold style and a simple card wallet. I’ve had a many of people tell me how much they love their vertical and how often complimented they are. Before I was a simpler man, the Vertical was always my go to. Its 4 card pockets made it efficient for me to find which card I needed to use (though a rarity that I ever used anything other than my ID or debit). The stash pockets worked perfectly with carrying with me more cash, cute polaroids of my girlfriend, and every business card ever handed to me (I had a problem with throwing stuff away). My Woodland Vertical was my first love. Still, the Vertical is a unique design that can comfortably sit in either of the front or back pocket. If you’re looking to slim down or size up, the Vertical is a perfect starting point.  

Two images. First image shows a pink box of donuts and a leather wallet sitting on a table. Second Photo shows a leather wallet sitting on a dashboard of a vehicle with mountains in the background

The Classic 4 Bifold. Our take on a timeless classic. With 4 card pockets and one main cash compartment, the hardcore Bifold fans are in love with our take. Overtime the wallet becomes your own. The story of you life is told through the leather. Each scratch, knick or stain is what brings this wallet to life through a process called partina. The attention to detail and simplistic design of the Classic 4 will elevate your everyday style and separate you from the rest.  

First image shows a black SUV parked with leather and canvas bags sitting on hood and ground. Second image shows a farther away shot of the same vehicle with a male driver inside.

Our wallets are more than just a fashion trend, they’re a statement. We don’t sacrifice quality, we sacrifice time. Every wallet is given the same amount of care and attention and creates a standard and a product that is ready for a lifetime of love and abuse.