Portrait No.16 :: meet@kwok.hin🌵
1. What is your current occupation or profession?
I work as a data integrations consultant for an oil & gas software company.

2. Where were you born or what are your original roots?
I was born in Hong Kong, China. Have moved around at least once every 4-5 years since I was 10 years old, and find myself back to home base in San Antonio TX multiple times due to family and various reasons.

3. What are some of your interests or passions in life?
Running, cycling, hiking, camping, roadtripping... basically anything outdoorsy and active that isn’t considered extreme. I also enjoy trying new cuisines and craft beer to fuel my activities. Music, sports, movies, and more recently books help me wind down from work and exercises.

4. Do you have a favorite travel destination or a place you call home away from home?
My favorite travel destination is always the next, yet-to-be-determined travel destination, as I always yearn to visit and experience new places. I very much enjoy road trips with stops at national parks, monuments, state capitols, and roadside attractions. On the flip side, it is equally interesting to explore a city full of people on foot/bike/subway and being overwhelmed with endless sightseeing and food options. Some of my favorites are the Dakotas, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii, New York City, and of course Hong Kong.

5. What is a piece of advice or life lesson you hold onto?
"Believe that change is good." After getting laid off and then having to move to a new city for a new job, a coworker friend gave me this piece of advice before I left. Being able to embrace the new realities that come with the changes has helped me be more openminded to the new situation and environment. It has since helped me through several life changes that disrupted existing routines, goals, career, relationships, etc. etc.

6. Are there any particular goals or aspirations you are working towards?
At the moment I am training to hopefully run a marathon PR next month, a
nd then attempt to complete The Bear 100 in September as my first 100 mile distance, all while staying healthy (fingers crossed). Also trying to stop doom-scrolling Reddit so I can dabble in even more hobbies.

7. Are there specific BEXAR Goods products that you have found to particularly appealing or useful in your daily life?
I wear one of my 6 and counting BEXAR Goods/Bexar Run Crew caps for almost any occasion, from trail races to going out for drinks. The Slim Wallet and Valet Tray gets daily use as well.