Portrait series - Will

Next up in the Portrait series meet our friend @willgonzaba of @olmosparkphysio
1. What is your current occupation or profession?
I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and owner of Olmos Park Physio. We are a performance physio clinic that specializes in treating runners, cyclists, and triathletes. 

2. Where were you born or what are your original roots?
I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and spent most of my childhood there. It had a huge influence on who I am today. Most of my life has been spent in San Antonioand all my familial roots are here.

3. What are some of your interests or passions in life?
Outside of my family, my passions in life are my profession as a business owner and as an endurance physio - the craft of treating runners, cyclists, and triathletes is something that I’ve dedicated my life to. I wanted to create a career for myself that combined my passion for endurance sports and medicine, and I’m fortunate to be in a place where I am achieving that. 

4. Do you have a favorite travel destination or a place you call home away from home?
My home away from home will always be New Orleans. There is no city more charming than NOLA. However, my favorite travel destination is any mountain town with deep trails systems. Get me in cool weather and I am a happy guy. 

5. What is a piece of advice or life lesson you hold onto?
One piece of life advice that I hold onto is "To be comfortable being uncomfortable."  Throughout my career I've found that the times when I am most uncomfortable are the times when I am about to experience the biggest growth. If you want to achieve great things in business or athletically, you need to put yourself in vulnerable situations. This forces you to become more resilient and accomplish more than you thought possible. 

6. Are there any particular goals or aspirations you are working towards?
One of the missions of my life is for Olmos Park Physio to be the gold standard of care for endurance athletes in Texas. Every year a goal of mine is to further establish ourselves as the go-to clinicians for endurance athletes. When it comes to training and racing  my goals this year are to train more consistently and do more group rides. I'd also love to get an age group podium at Xterra Nationals in May, and to podium at a cyclocross race in the Fall. 

7. Are there specific BEXAR Goods products that you have found to particularly appealing or useful in your daily life?
My daily go-to Bexar Goods products are my Lighting Bolt Hat, wallet, and gear tray. Fun fact, the Bexar Goods branding was a big inspiration of the Olmos Park Physio branding.... long before I ever had any Bexar Goods Merch!