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The Starting Line

He wakes up around 6am each morning by his Rockythemed ringtone. By 9am he has already put in countless miles running, swimming or biking on the Peloton. By 12pm he’s opting for a full meal of running and his own protein smoothie. By 5pm he’s embracing the south Texas heat and biking home. And by 6pm he’s either running or swimming again.

I have never met anyone who fully embodies the song “Eye of the Tiger”.  Of course I am talking about the juggernaut that is Guy Rubio. Bexar Goods founder, family man, and lunch run connoisseur. 

His desire of living a healthier lifestyle has an infectious quality that has an affect on others around him. Maybe that’s why was recently chosen to be a Lululemon ambassador. But it has certainly changed the lifestyle of the workshop here at Bexar Goods.

Guy and his primo, he so lovingly calls, Falcon or the Runnin’ Rubios, I so lovingly call them, have been running for years. Both will admit that they starting running as a way to shed some extra weight, but a lifestyle grew out of those early days of running. You can certainly find them during the week around 12pm running throughout downtown San Antonio, opting for a lunch run rather than a lunch meal. 

Run, Rubs, Run

The dog days of summer have kept the runs shorter than what they are capable of accomplishing but make no mistake, they put up some serious miles and often complete a 10k by the time they’re back. 

This has inspired all who have walked into work over the past several years, including someone like me who used to despise running. 

Our coaches, veteran runners, have been the motivational leaders and teachers we with less experienced have learned from.

For me personally I had a hard time keeping pace when running and it wasn’t until coach showed me how to pace myself. Shop manager Bradley had been sidelined with a groin injury until he was shown how to probably stretch. 

Through the summer heat, the winter chills and everything in-between, running is so ingrained into the Rubio DNA, they can’t be stopped. 

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Austin Jean