Apple Watch Strap // Whiskey Cordovan


Our straps fit all Apple Watch strap models
1-8 and SE Models 

All straps are precisely cut from 4-5 ounce (~1.75 mm) Cordovan Leather.  This includes the proper Apple Watch hardware lugs and a leather strap. We have 2 different hardware finishes ( lugs and buckle ) to match your Apple Watch model and all come with rounded hardware.

The time honored saddle stitch is used to hand sew these leather watch straps. A poly-blend cording is used for its strength and durability.


Shell Cordovan Leather is the most premium leather option available. Coming from the hide of a horse, Shell Cordovan endures a process totaling six months where the hide is tanned, stuffed, shaved, then polished to deliver a product that is above all else. It features a tight grain character that resists stretching and creasing, while still maintaining a brilliant shine. Shell Cordovan is eye-catching and durable, qualities that present a remarkable product and will continuously please you.

Hardware Options:

  • Space Grey 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Overall length: 10 inches (250 mm) with 42mm Apple Watch face attached.
  • The distance from buckle to first hole is 6.75 inches (175mm) and to last hole is 8.6 inches (205mm).