Simple NATO Watch Strap // Black Cordovan



After years of creating leather watch straps for ourselves for use on a variety of watches, we are excited to release our version of the simple NATO leather strap.  The NATO strap has an iconic history for a range of vintage military issued watches.  We've tested this strap on a variety of watches, from Tudor and Timex to Luminox.  It's a beautiful addition to new and vintage watches.


Shell Cordovan Leather is the most premium leather option available. Coming from the hide of a horse, Shell Cordovan endures a process totaling six months where the hide is tanned, stuffed, shaved, then polished to deliver a product that is above all else. It features a tight grain character that resists stretching and creasing, while still maintaining a brilliant shine. Shell Cordovan is eye-catching and durable, qualities that present a remarkable product and will continuously please you.


  • Three widths available: 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm
  • All straps are precisely cut from 4-5 ounce Black Cordovan Leather.  
  • The time honored saddle stitch is used to hand sew these with straps with a poly-blend cording.
  • Please note leather can stretch when wet.