Medium Brown - Apple Watch Strap Explorer


Our straps fit all Apple Watch strap models
1-8 and SE Models 

This veg tan leather is top grade, it is full grain and has a nice balance between supple and firm. The firmness will make for a sturdier strap that will break in and soften over time . It is certainly the most ambitious leather we have used to date. To tell a story with your watch strap, the Ghost strap would undoubtedly be the right author of that story.

The time honored saddle stitch is used to hand sew these leather watch straps. A poly-blend cording is used for its strength and durability.

All straps are precisely cut from 3-4 ounce Leather and are then doubled over resulting in a 7-8 ounce (3 mm) thick leather strap. This includes the proper Apple Watch hardware lugs and a leather strap. We have 3 different hardware finishes (lugs and buckle) to match your Apple Watch model and all come with rounded hardware.

Hardware Options:

  • Space Grey 
  • Stainless Steel


Overall length: 10 inches (250 mm) with 42mm Apple Watch face attached.
The distance from buckle to first hole is 6.75 inches (175mm) and to last hole is 8.6 inches (205mm).