EVERESTing Run Crew Challenge


It was so much fun the first time we did it, we are doing it again!

This time around we have the following categories:

  • Full 29029'
  • Half 14515' 
  • Treadmill Version
  • First to Summit
  • Most Vertical Elevation Climbed in February 

Here are the bullet points:

  • Anyone can participate, regardless of where you live
  • You have 28 days (February) to log 29,029 ft. of elevation gain
  • Activities limited to running/hiking/walking
  • Activities must be logged in Strava (free running App)
  • Must join Bexar Run Crew Strava so I can see the elevation logged
  • There are no limitations to the hill or route, you can do the same neighborhood hill over and over if you want or go climb an actual mountain.
    • You can even log the vertical gain on a treadmill but you have to take a photo of the vert and upload to your Strava.

Needless to say, anyone who accomplishes this mega Everesting challenge is awesome and will have bragging rights, BUT will ALSO get:

  • a custom "Everest" inspired Bexar Goods leather keychain emblazoned with the Run Crew logo and 29029 on it
  • ONE person will randomly be chosen to win the grand prize of a One-of-a Kind Adventure Notes Wallet themed with Mount Everest in mind ($165 value)

 If you live in San Antonio, where we are based, some great spots to get some efficient vertical gain:

  • Powerline Trail
  • Eisenhower Park (backside)
  • Friedrich Park
  • Government Canyon
  • Hill Country State Natural Area

The Inspo from 2021: I was watching a Billy Yang video (awesome youtuber documenting the ultra trail scene)  the other night and he participated in a Jesse Itzler event, called 29029.  Essentially it's climbing the elevation of Everest (29,029') in one event.  They climb a ski hill (~2,000') about 14 times, all in one go... it makes for a long day and actually they get 36 hours to complete it.

I thought that was an awesome idea and wanted to have that as the Bexar Run Crew's next challenge... although we are going to have the whole month of February to accomplish it.