Country Dog Collar // Black

These durable dog collars are hand-crafted and designed for the larger sporting breed.  We personally use this dog collar with our Labrador Retriever, Weimaraner, and Border Collie for our backcountry treks.


We use vegetable-tanned, 8/10-ounce American cowhide that is from one of the oldest tanneries still operating in the USA. Each Collar is hand-cut from the hide and the edges can be burnished (for a smoother more finished look).  The leather will naturally darken with exposure to the elements and your dogs everyday lifestyle.

Solid copper rivets were chosen as the hardware for the dog collar because of their strength and unique weathering characteristics of the metal. Each copper rivet is hand set and peened over our anvil for a nice rounded finish.

  • 8-10-ounce vegetable-tanned Dog collar will develop a rich "patina" with your dogs daily abuse
  • Hand-hammered industrial grade copper rivets secure the D-ring

Solid Brass hardware is used for the buckle, D-ring, and O-ring