Keeper Brass Belt 1.25" Hand painted



This is our first handpainted belt offering.  The desert landscape is handdrawn on raw natural leather that will slightly absorb the paint; however, over time as the belt continues to darken (as shown in photos of one year of use) the paint will begin to fade in vibrancy to match the patina of the belt.

Our leather belts are made from the vegetable tanned leather available.  This leather is thick and less prone to stretching.  The belts look great and can also hold up to the toughest jobs.  This leather will age beautifully developing a rich color and patina.


  • American sourced natural vegetable tanned leather (10 ounce thick)
  • Solid Brass Roller Buckle
  • Beveled, burnished, and painted belt edges for a finished look
  • Our signature maker's mark is embossed next to the buckle

Measuring your belt size

Please see diagram on this page for ordering the correct belt size.  The belt size ordered will typically be two waist sizes above your pant size.  So if you wear 30" waist jeans, our 34" belt will fit best.