Simple Card Wallet with Money Clip

A simple sleeve designed to accommodate several cards.  Easily worn in the front or back pocket.  A brass money clip is securely riveted to the exterior with a hand-peened copper rivet. 

A beautiful vegetable tanned leather was chosen that has a rustic, weathered look from the moment you receive it. 



The sleeve is sewn by hand using the traditional saddle stitching technique with waxed poly cording.  Hand stitching is stronger than the lock stitch used in sewing machines. The hand sewn saddle stitch has been favored by leather workers and saddle makers for centuries because of its durability.

The sleeve width is large enough to allow easy entry yet tight enough to prevent cards from slipping out.  Note: Sleeve will mold over break in period. Expect a tight initial fit.

Proudly handmade in Texas.

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