Bexar Film Club

August 19, 2020

There’s a specific sense of anticipation that I impatiently long for. It's driven by anxious desires and selfish delights. Albeit trivial, its a ritual that has been a constant over the years. It’s a moving picture that can easily be painted. 

It’s Friday. There’s only one thing on the mind. You’ve waited months. Possibly years. You solidified your seat weeks ago and now it’s time. You’re finding your way in the dark. The buttery aroma salivates the mouth, Coca~Cola to meet it. The lights go dim. The voices go silent. Showtime. 

When cinemas across the world rightfully closed this past spring, there was still some hope of catching the new films arriving this summer. Mulan, A Quiet Place 2, The French Dispatch  and TENET  all seemed far enough away to still see theatrical releases undisturbed by the current events but soon reality would kick in. I realized one of my longest summer traditions would be put on hold or at least would need to evolve. 

About a month ago I was stitching up wallets, shop talking with the crew about certain films that I have yet to watch and they soon realized that they too have yet to see these movies. Seemingly there was an embarrassing amount of classic and critically acclaimed films that we have never seen before. 

I’m talking movies like Schindler’s List, Goodfellas, Platoon, Do The Right Thing, Blazing Saddles, Jackie Brown  and so much more. Movies that shouldn’t be passed up on, movies that NEED be seen. 

Thats when I got the idea that we should start watching these movies one by one. 

And so it begins…The Bexar Film Club.  


This is was the very evolution I had been looking for. And as soon as I mentioned it with the crew, the excitement and possibilities flowed like film unraveling off a reel. (DISCLAIMER: ~that’ll be the ONLY film related joke in this post, thank you~) 

The rules are simple, and yes there are rules (and yes we watched Fight Club and no our rules aren’t as secretive). 

Rule #1: 

Each week we all watch the same one movie. 

Rule #2:

The movie has to be one we’ve never seen or haven’t seen in so long it’s hard to remember plot, details, have a reverent memory of, etc… 

Rule #3:

Any and all movies are allowed on the list, (I’m looking at you, The Room)

Picking the films can slightly chaotic. We haven’t solidified our system yet, but we garner inspiration from all around. When we picked Schindler’s List it is was based on the fact that it was a Best Picture winner at the Oscars the year Bradley was born (1994). Jackie Brownwas chosen because it was a Tarantino film that we had yet to see and has since become one of Falcon’s favorites. 

And of course we have the obligatory discussions after each viewing: pertinence, cohesiveness of the plot, character choices, soundtrack and score, even discussing what emotional connection we made to the film. I can provide video of me bawling my eyes out at the end of Schindler’s Listif you’d like. Or likewise, we just express if we simply liked the film or not. We’re not choosy, we just have an affinity for visual entertainment. 

 Click here to check our ratings so far!

We recently have made some additions to our workshop to help convert it in an after hours private movie lounge (still holding out hope for that popcorn machine though). We longed for a change of pace from our daily routines and share in some camaraderie at work after hours. Falcon, a 16mm and 35mm connoisseur, brought in his 16mm projector and 16mm Fight Club film one night and treated us to our first ‘at the movies’ experience in months. Weeks later we set up a digital projector and screened Contagion.Clearing out the tables, blacking out the windows and drowning in the smell of greasy pizza really reminds me of my fabled Drafthouse, all thats missing is an ICEE. 


   We have seen 12 movies to date and are just getting started. We have knocked several films off our list with so much more to be be seen. We have some Oscar winners, other’s are cult classics and some are irreverent and just for fun. Our club is young and growing and with so many movies that we’ve yet to see, I think we’ll be just fine without cinema for awhile.