Movie Inspired Wallets

August 18, 2020



Once upon a time he was a hit actor navigating the silver screen with his stuntman, now he’s officially a “has-been”, trying to find his place within the hills of Hollywood. This whiskey soaked and tobacco stained wallet is Bradley's interpretation of the Oscar nominated film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. From sporadic outburst to a haunting and chaotic finale, no surprises await you. Cut from a real reel of film, this wallet was directed to be as timeless as the land of angels. 


This year’s most controversial movie was one of my picks. Eerily, this wallet was painted in the vain of a clown, a mask we all wear. Dyed green and reeking of cigarettes and self loathing, Arthur is dead and Joker has risen in his place. Complementing his iconic red suit is a forced smile and a deranged since of belonging but not even leather is no match for Joker’s cigarette burns. “My life is a comedy”, cries Arthur but nothing prepares us for the tragedy that lies dormant beneath.   


“Patch it up, you’ll be wanking again in no time.” Inspired by Sam Mendes’ World War I blockbuster, this was one of Bradley’s nominations for Best Picture. Each detail of the this wallet was made to look war-torn. Its patina was earned on the battlefield but was made to endure. The subtleties of a soldiers uniform shine through in the patchwork and will surely hold up in the trenches. Wether your dodging enemy fire or jumping off cliffs, your uniform is all you got to keep you protected, best keep it maintained.



Lighter. Faster. Nastier. Bolt by bolt, and stitch by stitch this wallet was brought together with a cultivated fury of innovation and craftsmanship by Guy. Painted cherry red and baby blue, the contrast brings to life the real feud of Ford and Ferrari and the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. Designed for speed and engineered to beat the rest, this wallet may not be an Oscar winner but it's legend drives on. Beaten, wrenched, and a spattering of trial and error... don’t judge us on the exterior - it’s what’s under the hood that matters. 


I. HEARD. YOU. PAINT. HOUSES. Stone etched and painted with the colors of a nation and a splattering of blood, The Irishman raged like a bullet from an assassin and is my second pick for Best Picture. Inspired by Frank Sheeran’s confession and creatively poised, the simple story of violence is kept hauntingly subtle while deriving Scorsese style art. It's harrowing, not beautiful, but a bold statement from the other side of morality.  

 This overall design of this wallet reflects the architecture of the Park family’s house which the central feature. Lightly and cheerfully, the nods to the “Ram-don” topped with rare sirloin that Mrs. Park requested offers a serious undertone. The wallet’s interior refers to the basement of the house; the concrete walls, the use of Morse code, and the Kim family’s hope of being reunited once again. In Parasite, a supposedly lucky “philosopher’s stone” makes its appearance; the Kim son often describes this stone and other auspicious things like staircases as being “metaphorical. We thought it would be a fun touch to place “metaphorical” on the wallet’s front and censor it with a black bar just like the Kim’s faces.